This? Is the Shit.

There are the people that turn on the radio and sing loudly to whatever popular song happens to be playing.  They know the words, enjoy the repetition that is often found with chart-toppers and it’s comfortable.

We’re not those people.

So, what are we doing here?  Playing on the Interwebz like two crazy 30-somethings in our mid-mid-life crises?  Beat & Lyric needed an outlet.  We needed a place to share our love of the eccentric and off-the-beaten-path music with those who want more than a Billboard chart.  Or, really, we just like to listen to the sound of our own voices (or, rather, the sound of a clicking keyboard as we pour somewhat innocuous ideas into this place).

A rather loftier goal than self-gratification: we wanted a place where we could shout out our new discoveries to those that would appreciate them the way we do.  To give proper kudos to those smaller artists who have inspired us, made us think or even just gave us something kickass to sing along to when no one else was around to hear us.

Besides, we think we’re pretty funny.  And cute.  And we like good music – and even sometimes really bad music.  And we don’t always agree, which means girl fights, which is entertainment gold.

Music moulds what we are and we like to share with others.  Kind of like Kindergarten.  Just without the lame nursery rhymes.


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